Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ground Broken for Denny's

Two posts in one day? It must be that extra cup of Sumatran I had this morning. I did throw in some high grade robusta, for that extra caffeine kick. Yup, that must be it!

I drove by the site of the new Denny's today, and the ground has been broken. This location is just west of Wendy's on 32nd, in front of the Menards strip. I wonder how long it will take to erect the building. Not that I'm a huge fan of Denny's, having only eaten there once (and not by choice), but an all-night diner seems like a decent addition to the GF restaurant scene.


Beckah said...

A Denny's? I had heard rumor of IHOP...but I'll take denny's. The all night option is nice, right now the only place to get a good pancake at 3 am is the truck stops. And no offense to truckers, but at 3am, truck stops are creepy

Anonymous said...

How about both?

Coffee Guy - You think either take their joe seriously? Which among GF restaurants and cafes (not coffee shops) serve the best coffee?

Coffee Guy said...

I don't remember the coffee at either, but I don't imagine it being any better than your standard industrial coffee.

Decent coffee around towm:
Red Lobster: Always fresh, and tastes good. Their president was in charge of Dunkin' Donuts for years, and has worked for P&G's Folgers brand (for better or worse), so at least he knows about coffee.

Sanders: Decent, mellow coffee. Possibly cowboy coffee (look it up). I'll have to ask next time I'm in there. Rumor has it that they wish to upscale their coffee selection, a project in which I'd be very interested!

Dakota Harvest has good coffee, as well.

I might be missing some, so I'll post again if I remember.

MsFreud said...

No one ever goes to Denny's... they "end up there"... you know the difference.
I have been persuing your blog for awhile now, as we have orders there from Germany, and being a "big city girl"-from the desert no less- I am trying hard to not be depressed about the cold and lack of "to do"... Hope to keep seeing things to give me happy thoughts.