Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's Not Not OK to Drink!

I was driving on Demers Ave. in GF, when I noticed a huge billboard informing minors that "It's Not Not OK" to drink. How are people going to take this campaign seriously when the sign, though its use of a double negative, is actually telling minors that it is, in fact, OK to drink alcohol?

I wonder who comes up with this stuff, and how much of our tax money was wasted because of a pretty obvious error. Yes, I know the meaning and intent of the campaign, and it's a good idea. Hell, I'm all for reducing underage drinking. However, I can just imagine the drinking games that will be created due to this effort ("I have an idea! We all take a shot whenever somebody in the room say 'OK'!")

It reminds me of the sign I used to pass every day in Silver Spring, MD, informing teenagers that there is "No No Skateboarding" allowed, all due to word "No" that was intentionally crossed out by the team that designed the sign.

This sign, combined with the glaring "it's/its" error on the mayor's "Welcome to Grand Forks" sign over the luggage carousel at the airport, makes me wonder how much drinking is taking place in town hall.