Sunday, March 25, 2007

In Town Recommendations

EDIT: I got the scoop on Martinizing. They ARE NOT owned by C&R Cleaners, and never have been. They are part of a small cluster of Martinizing stores owned by a pediatrician (from Bismark, I think). EXCELLENT service? Not part of C&R? Owned by a baby doctor? All the more reasons to give them your business!

Here's a place where you can recommend, or ask for a recommendation, for a service here in Grand Forks.

I'll start: I recommend Martinizing Cleaners over C&R Dry Cleaners. The latter really messed up an order, and had a "blame the customer" approach. If the person taking in my order had put down the personal call she was taking on the phone and served me properly, then my order might not been so messed up. Additionally, the people at C&R were always grumpy to me when I did business there. Never again.

Thankfully, I found Martinizing. They are always happy to see me, pay attention to me, and have never messed up a cleaning order.


dale said...

I've always had fairly good luck at C&R Cleaners. Have never tried the "One Hour Martinizing" guys -- it never even occured to me. That's one of those non-sequitur names that makes you wonder what they even do.

Anonymous said...

I have perpetual bad luck at C&R but don't think you've taken away C&R's business by going to One Hour Martinizing; they are owned by the same people.

Coffee Guy said...

That's interesting, if in fact they are owned by the same people. I wonder what the difference is? I have noticed that the people at Martinizing tend to be younger, like almost all college aged. Maybe years of sniffing cleaning fluid makes you grumpy.

I'm going to ask them about the C&R relationship next time I go in there.

TLH said...

I find Martinizing to be much more reasonable price wise also. I was unaware they are owned by the same people--I will await the news from coffee guy on that one.

bethski said...

I would like to know who owns what also. C&R on the north end at least have the most grumpiest people. I even know a traveling Priest that went there and lost his cool at them because they blamed him for what they did to his shirt (aka shitty seaming job)

Anonymous said...

In only go to Martinizing and they are friendly and the quality is fine. But don't get me started on prices. I don't know what others in town charge to do a woman's button-down dress shirt (same as a man's only smaller), but Martinizing is $4.75 per shirt! That's $.75 more per shirt than even in the largest markets in the country.
And don't get me started on the whole reason it costs $4.00 to do a woman's shirt when it only costs $.99 to do a man's shirt. The explanation I've received is that women's shirts must be ironed by hand because they don't fit in the standard men's shirt steamer. That's a load of bull and a crime. At 5'8", I know there are men out there wearing similarly-sized shirts as me paying $.99 to have them cleaned and ironed. My shirts fit in the darned steamer.

Coffee Guy said...

I know that women's prices are generally higher than men's, and that's wrong. However, men's shirts are $.99 when laundered (washed, dried, and ironed in a big batch of other white-only shirts). Are you sure the $4.75 price isn't for dry cleaning? If they are all white, and all laundered, then you should question them.

That said, I use the 20% off coupons we get in the ValPak, and the prices seem in line with, or even cheaper than other places I've lived.