Thursday, January 25, 2007

My Coffee Supplier

This is going to be free advertisement for Tom and Maria (congrats on the new baby!) of Sweet Marias Home Coffee Roasting Supplies. This is a "mom and pop" shop. Literally, now.

Don't be scared off by the mid-1990s look of the website. The site holds so much incredible information that the serious and not-so-serious home roaster really doesn't care what it looks. Sure, there are bigger and fancier websites to buy raw beans, but this one is the best.


Tom travels the globe in search of the beans. He buys, and sells the finest beans on the planet. As a small shop, he often has to join up with a few other small shops just to compete in the bidding process against the big boys (like $tarbucks).

Have a look around. There's a ton of information, and a lot of helpful suggestions on brewing methods.

And don't be afraid to buy some beans and try roasting them yourself. Do you have an oven? Then you're all set!


Anonymous said...

Have you ever had a stranger take you up on your offer of a home-brewed cup of joe?

Coffee Guy said...

No, not yet.

I think everyone is scared. :)

Anonymous said...

Have you ever tried coffee from MoJo Roast here in ND?