Thursday, July 27, 2006

Smoking or non-smoking?

It seems like more and more restaurants in the Grand Forks area have a slew of televisions on the walls, all showing different channels, but almost exclusively on sports (I even saw dominos, if you can really call that a sport). I can understand TVs in a sports bar, or if you have a sports bar adjacent to the restaurant, but does that idea have to flow over to the restaurant portion of the establishment? As much as I try not to look, there is just something in my brain that makes me turn in the direction of the flashing images. It probably goes back to the primitive hunter’s peripheral vision spotting movement in a bush, but that's just the science junkie in me talking.

It’s to the point where I don’t want to go these places just because of the damn TVs! However, part of me thinks that it's to help restaurants cover up for bad or slow service. If you distract the customer, maybe they won't notice that their mediocre dinner has taken 45 minutes to arrive. Not that I like to keep picking on Boston's, but...

I know that there are more and more places that are setting up tableside TVs, and families that like them say they generate discussion, but I'm a traditionalist when it comes to dining out. I like good service, good food, and good conversation based on our lives, not some athlete's. Besides, we don't allow our kid to watch TV at home all that much. I guess the more I think about it, the more I'm going to start to make my dining decisions based on this fact, which is a shame.

Here’s my list of waitstaffed places with and w/o TVs. Please help me fill out this by adding a message, and I'll add them to the list. This should be an interesting exercise.

Has TVs:

  1. Suite 49
  2. Boston’s
  3. Paradiso
  4. Ground Round
  5. The Blue Moose
  6. Grizzly's
  7. Green Mill
  8. Buffalo Wild Wings

No TVs, or TVs not easily visible from the restaurant:

  1. Sanders
  2. Paolo’s
  3. Bronze Boot
  4. Panda Buffet
  5. Toasted Frog


shilo said...

hi! I found you blog on recently updated blogs. I am looking for blog friends. I have just started blogging, too! please come and visit my blog.

I don't got out to restuarants much.

Semireg said...

Shilo... wow. Creepy.

Anyways. You can always have a top-notch lunch at Amazing Grains for less than $5, and not one TV in sight.

Toasted Frog has one TV, and in my experience it's been on 50% of the times I've dined. Dinner usually off, late-night usually on.

Coffee Guy said...

I left shilo's message on there for one reason: to remind me of how good my life really is.

I've only been to AG twice, and it's not exactly the type of place I'm referring to. It's like having dinner at Whole Foods. Sure, it's good food (I guess...I didn't really see anything that tickled my fancy. If they start carving gyros from the spit I'll reevaluate), but not exactly what I'm looking for when I take my family and out of town guests out to dinner.

I forgot about the Toasted Frog. I've had dinner there twice, and don't remember a TV in the line of views. I say it's a "No TV."

Dave Miller said...

Shilo's blog... scarrrrry. Stay away.

Green Mill. That's my favorite joint and they had TV's if I remember right. It's been a while since I've been back in GF... so you all would know better.

mmmmm Desert Fire Pastaaaaa....

JGS said...

How can you forget Buffalo Wild Wings.. they have around 10 TV's.

shilo said...

Well, thank you very much!
it is not nice to make fun of people.

I will NOT be back here!

Coffee Guy said...

"MISERY IS ALIVE, MISERY IS ALIVE! OH, This whole house is going to be full of romance, OOOH, I AM GOING TO PUT ON MY LIBERACE RECORDS!"

shilo said...

I keep reading what you wrote and I am steaming mad now. I am never coming back here AGAIN!

Coffee Guy said...

Great, now I'm in for a hobbling.

I thought you already said you were not coming back. This place is addictive, huh?

shilo said...

I do NOT take drugs.
Except for the ones my doctor gives me.

JGS said...

You must be Shilo on Grandma's Boy!

Anywho, would Campbell's count on the list? Or is this just "restaurants?"

Coffee Guy said...

I'm trying to compile a list of only sit down joints where your order is taken at the table.

What do you guys know abou Italian Moon? I've only ever had delivery.

There are no TVs in Mama Maria's, right?

avocadoinparadise said...

I agree that restaurants should not have tvs in the dining area. If they want me as a diner at their establishment they shouldn't have them there anyhow!

Zaya said...

How about Applebee's, shouldn't they be on the list?

Coffee Guy said...

You tell me, Zaya. I've never eaten at the GF Applebees. Should I add it?

Zaya said...

Well it's a sit-down waitstaffed restaurant in Grand Forks, and I believe they have a tv at the bar. However, I'm not 100% sure, it certainly doesn't interfere when dining.

I prefer the EGF Applebee's though, so someone else may have to provide the Grand Forks details.

Tu-Uyen said...

Jeez, ease up on Shilo, she's unhappy as it is.

Whitey's doesn't have a TV in the dining area, by the way. I don't remember seeing the TV at Paradiso either.

Zaya said...

There is also Al's on Washington. I don't believe it has a tv, but I may be mistaken. The food is delicious though.

Coffee Guy said...

Thanks for telling me how I should act on my own blog. If it hurts your tummy I suggest reading something else.

Paradiso has huge TVs in several of the rooms.

shilo said...

thank you tu-uyen. Some people are just rude!
I'm going to go visit your blog, you sound nice(unlike some people)

Coffee Guy said...

God, I love the Internet!!!!

shilo said...

would you like some advice on how to make your blog more interesting?

Coffee Guy said...

Thanks for the offer shilo, but this is the 23rd comment on only the 2nd post of this blog. Other than not having the time to craft yet another masterpiece, I'd say this little blog is doing just fine all by itself. In fact, you don't seem to be able to resist it, do you?

Do you like cats?

Jeni.Ann said...

Italian Moon has TVs in their restaurant, also. They are scattered throughout the whole place, sometimes playing daytime television, but more often than not, playing video tapes of former Sioux hockey games, year round...

Happy Joes has one large TV in the common room in the back, but it's usually off or not getting reception, so that one's up for grabs as to TV or no. You do go in and sit down to order at night.

If you're looking for places that do not have TVs, and you included Panda Buffet, then you need to add China Garden and the Great Wall Buffet as well. Also, I believe Capone's is TV free, too. Ponderosa is also TV free. Pizza Hut is TV free also, as well as the Royal Fork Buffet. I believe Mexican Village on Washington St. is TV free, plus the Village Inn and Perkins (both of them) are both TV free.

shilo said...

Yes I love cats!
Do you know what obbsesive/compulsive is?

shilo said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Zaya said...

I am continually amazed that there are people that complain because people don't visit their blogs, however when they visit other people blogs they are insulting.

If anyone mentioned Shangri La alredy, sorry, I scanned but may have missed it. Again, I don't believe they have a television. The thread is interesting though, because I'm realizing that I don't notice the tv's. Not sure if that's because they seem to have become a given when you see them, or because I ignore them. I'm a little concerned that it might be the former rather than the latter. I've been trying to pay attention to that, but the only places I've eaten lately is Sanders and Qdoba's.

Coffee Guy said...

I wish I saw the deleted comment. It must've been a good one.

Yes, Shilo, thanks to you I now know what an obsessive personality is all about. Too bad you didn't obsess just one step further, as you might've prevented your cat from getting hit by a car. I did notice, however, that you blamed somebody else for your carelessness. Tsk tsk.

Julie said...

I strongly dislike TV's in a restaurant. There is a device which can be used to turn these public TVs off called the TV B Gone. I often wish I had one and could inobtrusively turn off the TVs which sometimes make it difficult to focus on those dining with you.

Now I'm not saying you should use such a device.

I'm just saying that you could.